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Low fat foods just don’t work for most. People are putting on more weight despite an over abundance of choices and availability of low-fat foods, snacks and beverages. Men and women are getting heavier despite the low fat food ingredients.

Low calorie diets don’t work well. They slow down your bodies’ fat burning engine and throw a wrench into the gears ruining all chances of losing weight. Low calorie diets work for the first few days but after that they come to a grinding halt. Instead, you want to eat 5 or 6 small meals a day, not starve yourself.

A body’s metabolism will decrease when a drop in calories is detected. Your body self-adjusts to burn fewer calories. So if you are burning 2,400 calories and suddenly drop your intake to 1,100 calories your metabolism detects that and slows down and will burn fewer calories.

Low-carb diets don’t seem to work in that people get off them and gain back the weight they lost. While on the diet, you’ll rob you of needed carbohydrate energy resulting in a tendency feel miserable especially when you realize you can’t eat your favorite foods and still stay on the low-carb diet.

Men and women are overweight because they consume the wrong foods and eat the wrong calories. Without a doubt, certain types of foods will make you gain weight. The best way to diet is to eat the right types of food 5 or 6 times a day and drinking a fat-burning tea.

Your body is like an engine in that it needs the right types of foods at certain intervals. If your body doesn’t get its right foods at those intervals it won’t burn those calories and what happens is your body stores those calories as fat tissue.

Tricking your metabolism. Tricking your metabolism into using easy burning foods is another workable diet solution. Your metabolism always burns calories based on your eating habits for the past few day. So if you SHIFT you diet menu compilation to fewer calories every few days you’ll thereby be burning stored fat tissue that would not ordinarily be burnt.

Want to know how to double the number of calories you burn? Change the types of food that produce the insulin your body naturally produces. Fat-burning hormones that target fat burning can be manipulated.

After every meal, the insulin hormone is released into the blood stream. New calories from your food are transported to your muscle cells and transformed into energy.

The extra calories get stored as fat cells. So the more insulin that gets released after each meal, the fatter you get unless you are exercising regularly. Not that you have to be physically working like a marathon runner, but excercise is a good thing.

Certain types of foods minimize the release of insulin therefore you store less fat tissue. Eating smaller meals more times in the day is another way to increase your metabolism. Very beneficial is a regular aerobic and strength-building exercise regimen.

Wuyi/Wu yi Wulong Tea Reduces the Fattening Effects of Carbs: Certain teas are fat burners on steroids. Scientific studies show the beneficial diet results as well as complementary health benefits from drinking certain types of tea.

Scientific research has revealed that drinking oolong tea reduces the rise of insulin in your body after eating carbohydrates. It burns 2.5 times the calories more than green tea.

This healthy tea is “more effective in lowering plasma glucose than were the drugs alone.” This is acclaimed as the safest, most effective fat burning weight loss tea known in today world!

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