Understanding The Dangers Of Obesity

January 5, 2012   Filed under weight loss

Obesity is becoming epidemic and is a huge problem in the United States today. It is caused from the accumulation of excess body fat. It is destructive to our health and has proven to decrease our life expectancy. It is related to many different health conditions. To determine obesity, body mass index is the standard measurement that is used today. It compares a person’s height and weight to help determine if a person is over or under weight.

Obesity is strongly related to type 2 diabetes, heart illness, sleep problems, osteoarthritis and certain forms of cancer. It is understood that the primary cause for obesity is eating excess quantities of food and not obtaining adequate physical exercise. There’s little assistance to the belief that particular people today are obese even though eating little because of a slow metabolism.

To effectively combat obesity, it is important to eat a healthy diet while limiting the amount of calories you consume. You should avoid foods that are high in fat or sugars. Simple carbohydrates should also be avoided when possible as these are easily converted into fat in the body.

Consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables will assist your body. It will give it much more fiber that is productive in stopping obesity. Fiber assists you to feel full, helping you avoid excess calories and assists to stop food from getting turned into fat within the body. Whole grains are also a great source of fiber. Obesity is becoming widespread and has been escalating in adults and kids more than the past many years.

BMI or body mass index has proven to be an effective way in measuring obesity. It is measured by dividing the mass of a person by the square of their height. The US or imperial method for defining a person’s BMI is calculated by multiplying your weight in pounds by 703 and then dividing it by your height in inches squared. Definitions of BMI were developed by the World Health Organization in 1997. If you score higher than 30, you are considered obese. If you score higher than 35, you are considered to be severely obese.

Major research has determined that obesity is related to a decrease in life expectancy. Obesity is attributed mainly from a sedentary way of life and consuming high calories. Research has demonstrated that the majority of these calories come from eating too many carbohydrates instead of fats. It has been determined that these added calories typically come from sweetened beverages and potato chips.

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