The Yowza Smyrna Treadmill Can Stand Up To Any Intense Workout

November 2, 2010   Filed under weight loss

The Yowza Smyrna treadmill is one designed for serious runners. It is a non-folding machine with a frame that is heavy-duty and built to last. The design as well as the features make it perfect for people who are new to running as well as for those with experience.

Both the speed as well as the incline of the machine can be varied a great deal. The incline can be put at up to 15% while the speed can be set for up to 11 mph. The motor is powerful, strong enough to be used on commercial treadmills, which allows the machine to be used consistently for workouts that are intense.

The running deck is cushioned but solid at the same time. It comes with a shock absorption technology that is patented and will put less stress on your back and joints. The 20″ by 60″ running area is large enough that even beginning runners should feel at ease. The maximum weight of a person using the machine is 300 pounds. The machine is also made to run quietly, making it ideal for use at home.

Though many people choose to set their own programs, there are 15 included on the machine. These programs are varied so that you can target the area you are interested in such as endurance or weight loss. You can also listen to your iPod using the included dock and speakers. A Polar heart rate receiver is also part of the package.

It is easy to assemble this treadmill, usually in under an hour. You would do well to pay the extra fee for delivery inside the home rather than to the curb is it is rather heavy. It comes with one of the best treadmill warranties that you will find in the industry.

If are interested in a non-folding treadmill that can handle serious and regular use, the Yowza Smyrna treadmill is one worth looking into. You can find less expensive treadmills but this is one that has the value of ones that are much more expensive. It is a top offering in the mid-range category.

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