Newbie Bodybuilders Guide To Building Big Arms In Six Weeks

October 27, 2010   Filed under weight loss

Do people regularly gasp when you take your Shirt off? Have you got a T shirt full of XXL T-shirts and Polo necks because your Arms are just too damn massive to fit into anything lese? Do women want to be with you and men want to be you? Oh dear. If the answer is NO, Looks like you need this article then. The great news is that the secret to big Arms can be learnt. And contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t consist of endless sets of boring Bicep Curls!

Time For The Attack

There is a difference between trying hard and doing something intensely. When your out to build Arm muscles that bristle with raw unbridled power you gotta push things to the limit. In order to build Arms you need to tire the Tricep and the Bicep muscles to absolute exhaustion. So just when its starting to feel like you cant possibly continue. Thats good! Your now working the muscles adequately to promote growth. You see, Arms only grow when the muscle fibers they are made of are broken down. The harder you work them. The better your results will be.

The Faster You Go The Better – Right?

Look – it’s not a competition to see who finishes the Set first you know! Still so many people treat it exactly like that. Swinging the weights around like nobodies business. Man, there training lower back more than their Arms! In order to stimulate the muscle you should warm up Arms with high volume, light sets at a reasonably fast pace, and then when it is time to grab the larger poundage’s you must rep s-l-o-w-l-y in order to feel each muscle fiber contracting. That is the real trick promoting quality muscle gains.

Don’t Neglect Triceps

If people only realized…If you want Arms that have that classic Bodybuilder shape, you HAVE to Train Triceps with as much or more vigor and dedicated persistence as your Biceps. Wanna know why thats so important? Well, your Triceps make up a massive Two-Thirds of your Arms overall mass! Thats quite a fact for you to take in. Especially as most beginner Bodybuilders we know only ever perform Bicep curls and one or two sets of limp wristed Tricep exercises. Thats just not going to cut the mustard kid. Vary your Tricep routines because the Tricep consists of three independent heads. All of which respond to different angles of attack. Skull Crushers, Dips, and Dumbbell work are all vital weapons in your build Arms arsenal. By switching up the order of exercise and exactly what exercises you perform each week you will stop the body from becoming too used to any one workout and sty continually growing.

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