Is The Smooth CE 3 6 For You?

November 15, 2010   Filed under weight loss

If you need to burn a lot of calories in one go, then consider getting the Smooth CE 3 6 Elliptical. This trainer targets a lot of body parts, so it helps you burn calories through cardio-exercises. And because you actually get to move your whole body while using it, it helps you improve your resistance and lessen your body fat. Results are usually seen within weeks of using it daily.

Ellipticals are often regarded as all-in-one exercise equipments because they move all muscle groups. They also put minimal stress on your lower body, mainly your knees and your hips, so you can workout even longer as compared to cycling or running on treadmills. If you need to burn more calories, this might be the one for you.

The Smooth CE 3 6 Elliptical, enabling you to actually workout your whole body in one go, tones your lower body and your upper body all at the same time. Your muscles would then be toned, but it doesn’t let you focus the strain on your lower legs. Its smooth cycles enable you to move your muscles, but not force them to do so. Basically, it helps you build on your resistance as opposed to actually strengthening your muscles.

Your arms would also get toned as you use this elliptical. It offers its moving handles to enable your arms to get toned, as well. Your shoulders can also benefit from them. By allowing your arms and shoulders to move along with your lower body, it can help you move everything all at the same time.

However, it may sound just like any other elliptical. But what makes this different is that its control panel actually has a built-in iPod dock. You can surf through your own music library while you exercise. It also has built-in speakers so you actually hear the music that you want – all within your reach. With the control panel, you may even choose to watch something while you move your body.

You can take off those messy cables which go around your body while you exercise. The Smooth CE 3 6 Elliptical, aside from the iPod feature, also offers a built-in fan to help you cool down while getting warmer and warmer as you exercise.

Aside from controlling the iPod, the control panel also controls your total body workout. It allows you to browse through various workout plans, times your total exercise time, calculates your lost calories and much more. It also has 50 different exercise programs, so your body wouldn’t get too bored easily – you’ve got a wide array of choices, indeed.

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