How To Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful

May 6, 2011   Filed under weight loss

As each of us gradually becomes older we start to notice those who keep healthy looking, radiant skin, and those unfortunate among us who do not. This eventually leads to specific key inquiries into the exact cause of aging skin and how to delay it from happening. Many variables may play a role in aging skin: a poor dietary habit, a smoking habit, lack of exercise. The list that research continues to build on just keeps growing.

The truly unfortunate part of this whole dialogue is that there’s a big genetic component to skin’s resistance to aging. Your genes do manage to play a part in the basic composition of your skin, and how much it’s able to maintain its tautness and fend itself from the destructive effects of things like reactive oxygen species, ultraviolet radiation, and advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The good news is that science is demonstrating through the field of epigenetics that the way in which your genes are expressed can be highly variable the actual sequence of the code.

What science is actually demonstrating is that you can take control. You don’t have to give up and assume that your skin is destined to follow some kind of fatalistic course. To believe otherwise is to surrender yourself to a some kind of nihilistic point of view which is counter-productive, entirely unnecessary, and demonstrably untrue.

What are the steps, you might ask, you can take to stop aging of the skin? One is to eat a daily diet high in vegetables, and very low in sugar. Some daily fruit is okay, but in excess even sugars from fruits can be detrimental. Sugar forms advanced glycation end products (AGES) which can damage DNA, and enhance or speed up aging. It is also important to get a high intake of fiber, and a mixture of vitamins and minerals. People often supplement with vitamin pills, because it can be difficult to cover all of the bases otherwise.

Exercise is perhaps the singular greatest step an individual can take to slow down the aging process. Exercise enables your body to adapt to physical stress in a controlled environment, and can enable your body to become more resistant to other stresses. Greater volumes of muscle mass has in fact also been correlated with surprising things like a reduced risk of cancer. A combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercise like running on the treadmill are two great suggestions for success.

If you find it’s difficult to maintain a fitness schedule you might think of getting a fitness partner, or scheduling yourself to get some personal training. Having a professional trainer, or partner, can assist you in staying suitably motivated and guarantee that you don’t become confounded by the minutia of getting a good workout.

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