Homeopathy – Does It Work?

November 13, 2010   Filed under weight loss

In 2009 leading pharmacies revealed that they didn’t believe homeopathy works. However, despite this confession and repeated clinical trials which prove that homeopathy achieves the same results witnessed in placebo tests, the NHS still spent over four million pounds in 2009 researching homeopathic pills.

Overwhelmed by the NHS’s and leading Pharmacies ‘no harm’ perception to homeopathy, more than 300 activists are now planning to partake in a group homeopathic overdose to help increase public knowledge about the ineffectiveness of homeopathic remedies.

During this revolt, all three hundred protestors will openly swallow in public a complete container of 90 homeopathic pills to show that they are nothing more than fakes and hopefully prompt pharmacies to stop selling them.

What is Homeopathy?

Described by many as ‘herbal medicine’ the majority of the ingredients found within this complementary herbal medicine are so weak that there really is nothing to them.

Yet further background checks into the birth of homeopathy has revealed that there is nothing herbal about it, but that it is solely designedon three ideas discovered in the 18th century by Samuel Hahnemann. 3 beliefs which are still used today:

– The Law of Similars where whatever caused your illness will also cure them i.e. unable to sleep, take caffeine

– The Law of Infinitesimals where the more diluted the remedy is from water, the more strong it will be

– The Law of Succession where intense mixing of a homeopathic solution would intensify its strength

Reviewing this historical background, it is easy to understand why sceptics are requesting that the government to order the NIHCE to assess whether it is right for the National Health Service to promote homeopathic remedies. Providing few if any results, all clinical trials point to the fact that they will not boost your well-being.

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