Get Low Fat Chips Using A Low Fat Chip Maker

November 28, 2011   Filed under weight loss

One thing we all miss when watching our waistline is low fat chips. Thankfully, with a low fat chip maker we are able to still feed our craving for chips, but without the surplus calories that comes from the cooking oil. Never before were you in a position to have your chips without having the guilt you might feel from eating the ‘proper’ high fat variety.

Now you may really feel that low fat chips when cooked in a low fat chip fryer may taste terrible. In reality, even without all of the fat, they are actually truly good. No, they are not quite the same, but IMHO, they’re certainly much better than re-cooked frozen oven chips.

Needless to say it’s not necessary to buy any more gizmos, you can make some really nice low fat chips from fresh potatoes. All you need to do is to cut some thick chunky wedges, leaving the skin on, and par-boil them for 5 minutes. Drain and shake them around a bit inside the saucepan to bash up the edges. Then lightly spray a baking tray using a one-cal spray oil, place the par-boiled potatoes on the baking tray and spray lightly once more. Pop in a hot oven for about 30 minutes, turning once, and you will have some great calorie friendly fries to appreciate.

Returning to the gizmos, you’ll be able to get a domestic hot air fryer, such as the Tefal low fat chip fryer or the Philips air fryer. Each use distributed hot air to prepare the chips or fries but achieve this in slightly different ways. As a result of these differences, it means that both forms of air fryer will cook a range of other foods but these will differ depending on the model you’ve got.

You have a couple of alternatives when preparing your chips in one of these machines. The good news is there’s much less faffing about than when cooking them from fresh in the oven. All you do is to cut the potatoes based on how you like them. The thinner they are the faster they’ll cook. When you have chipped the potatoes, pop them in your air fryer along with a tablespoon of oil and turn on until cooked! You can obviously simply spray with a one-cal oil spray to cut down even more on the fat, or use 1/2 a tablespoon and you will nonetheless get good results. If you’re short of time, you are able to also use frozen chips that are appropriate for frying.

Luckily, these units cook as much as one KG of potatoes, adequate for the family. In the event you don’t use the full capacity reduce the oil anyway. Pop your sausages or chicken drumsticks in at the same time to load it up and reduce the dish washing also.

So, there’s no requirement to miss your fries. Make low fat chips with a low fat chip fryer and perhaps, stir fries, curries, roast potatoes and a lot more. The only thing you have to think about will be the size of the machines as they are quite big. The Tefal has a larger footprint than the Philips, however the Phillips is taller.

For more resources on buying and making use of a low fat air fryer, including our low fat air fryers compared post, check out now.


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