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Each of our feet contains twenty four bones, all interconnected with the muscles and ligaments that allow us to walk upright easily. The arches, plantar fascia, internal muscles, and pads of fat that bear weight and absorb external impacts are all vitally important. Injuries to this support system are unfortunately common, as is chronic discomfort. Relief from nagging foot pain Culver City, however, is available for those who seek it.

This uncomfortable condition is often the result of the physical stresses of poor alignment, or by the development of actual physical disease. Shoes that are stylish but do not fit well are probably the most common culprit, often causing issues around the bones and balls of the feet due to pressure. While extremely high heels can trigger symptoms, even ‘sensible’ shoes that are tied too tightly can cause problems.

Those who exercise regularly are not immune. Issues involving the feet are common among some people who run daily on uneven surfaces without wearing properly designed exercise shoes. Lacking proper support, the stress of jogging on an irregular surface can cause repetitive stress injuries, sometimes leading to tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, and even osteoarthritis.

Other common issues include bunions, bruising, blisters, corns, and calluses. Cheap shoes that do not breathe properly may encourage fungal growths, and sometimes can contribute to the infection and ugliness of ingrown toenails. Even plantar warts, while not necessarily caused by poor shoes, are a source of agony for some people because of their location. These conditions are relatively minor medically, but there are some symptoms that should never be ignored.

Many more people today are developing diabetes than ever before, for a variety of reasons, mostly related to diet and lifestyle. The numbness associated with this condition, as well as gout or peripheral neuropathy, should never be ignored for long. Because of lack of sensation in the toes, many diabetics are faced with chronic injuries that become infected, will not heal well, and sometimes require amputation.

These conditions require more extensive treatment that simply buying better shoes. Anyone in this situation needs to see a podiatrist, or medical doctor who specializes in problems of the feet. Today, there are more than fifteen thousand practicing in the United States alone, and they are expert at recognizing and treating the kinds of problems prevalent today. They are able to determine if the physical issues present may progress to something serious, or even life threatening.

Relief from chronic foot pain Culver City involves proper diagnosis. A licensed podiatrist can make that evaluation, can take the proper x-rays, prescribe medications, and even perform surgery when necessary. Uncomfortable feet can make nearly all aspects of life seem unbearable, and no one has to live that way permanently. If you fit into this category, ask your regular doctor to consider a referral to this kind of specialist.

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