Exercise for a flat stomach

November 24, 2010   Filed under weight loss

Strong, well defined flat abs are considered to be the cornerstones of a physically fit body. Flatter abs also increase the core strength of our body and help us perform better in our day to day activities.

We all want to have a flat stomach without opting for any flat stomach exercises or without cutting down on fast foods, but the ugly truth is that you cannot expect any gain without pain. A workout for a flat stomach, along with keeping a check on what we eat is the only way to flatten abs and to tone up the belly.

Other than flat stomach workouts and the right diet, it is also essential to stay motivated if one wants to get flat abs. Most of us start off with a diet and a rigorous exercise for a flat stomach, but things like aching muscles and a birthday celebration in our office soon breaks our resolve.

Therefore, the initial step to tone up belly would be to place a large poster of your idol in the room you’d be using with regard to flat stomach workouts. Additionally, suitable changes in your diet, and don’t fill up your belly with extra calories such as colas and other unhealthy foods, because abstaining from them would assist you to achieve flatter abs faster.

Doctors recommend performing 20-30 minutes associated with aerobic exercise daily to improve your metabolic rate as well as tone up stomach. Another flat belly exercise, which helps considerably, includes:

* Torso twist: To do this particular workout with regard to flat belly, you must lay on the ground and pull the knees towards your chest. Stretch your arms to the side, contract your abdomen muscles, as well as twist your knees left and right. This twisting of your torso helps in extending the oblique muscle tissue in order to flatten ab muscles.

* Cycling: An additional easy exercise for flat stomach includes laying on the ground, raising your legs in the air, as well as moving them in pedaling motion. Gradually carry out this cycling movement to apply pressure on your belly as well as to obtain a flat stomach.

*Dance: Put on your favorite dance number as well as groove for your heart’s content. Any kind of dance moves leads to the stretching of our core stomach muscles helping burn off any kind of accumulated body fat. Dancing types such as hip-hop, jive, and belly dancing tend to be considered the best flat stomach exercises.

You cannot firm up your tummy or obtain ripped abs inside a week or 10 days. You need to replicate these flat stomach routines for extended period to get the desired outcomes.

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