Easily Change Your Weight Loss Habits

November 26, 2011   Filed under weight loss

Your weight loss plan doesn’t have to overwhelm your mind. Easy tactics can ease your learning curve.

For instance, most of us have read or heard that using smaller plates or bowls will fool our eyes and stomachs into thinking we are eating a regular meal. This may turn out well for some people, but without a doubt, it never worked for me. That brimmed, small dish, just made me feel like I was eating a snack. If it works for you – great.

So, if it doesn’t, what can you do?

Position your food on the plates you’ve always used, but keep the food away from the curved (or sloping), edge.

Still looks scanty? Try decorating the curved edge with fresh vegetables or salad-type makings.

A second tactic is to read the food labels! Just about all labels tell you how much is in a portion. For example, a 14.5-ounce can of plain green beans will serve 3.5 portions.

Very well. That’s good advice for canned and packaged food. But, what about meat?

Naturally, you could buy a food scale to weigh what you need, but an easier way is to buy your meat by the pound and separate it into four equal portions to get four, four-ounce servings. Need six-ounce servings? Just buy 1.8 pounds of meat and divide it into four equal portions. Put to use, your freezer bags to store what you don’t need right away.

A third tactic is to avoid distractions while eating. Distractors are things like watching television, reading, and using a computer. These kind of distractions cause eating episodes when you’re not really hungry and can make it difficult to gauge the amount of food you consume.

A fourth tactic is to eliminate or replace negative cues with more positive ones. Here are some examples:

* Reduce the number of places you tend to eat (e.g., no more eating in the car or the family room).

* Replace candy jars with sugarless or low fat candy and gum.

* Get rid of the junk food or move all of it to an area that is not easily reached. Then replace that area with spices or containers. This will give you a conscious reminder to change mindless snacking habits.

* Establish one designated eating-place at home (and work). Ideally, this location should be a dining table or kitchen, and should be free of distractions.

*Consume your snacks in the designated eating-place.

And lastly, since never eating out is more than likely out of the question, the following are simple strategies for managing “on-the-go” eating:

*Check to see if half-size portions are available. Better yet, order a child’s plate.

*Divide a meal with someone else.

*Say no to the bread basket and the chips and salsa.

*If you feel unusually hungry, order vegetables or a side salad as an appetizer.

* Have half of your meal put in a to-go box before the food is served to the table.

*Opt for broiled or baked main dishes.

*Don’t be afraid to ask that all dressings and condiments be put on the side. Use a fork to dip the salad into the dressing.

* Remain aware of how much you are eating throughout the meal.

*Set your fork down and sip water often to give yourself time to feel full.

Where is the best place to start with changing your habits? Visit Dawn E. Thompson’ssite to learn about the best approaches and to download a free ebook that outlines the best ways to changing your habits.


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